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Text Explanation About Tornado


A tornado is a spinning wind speed over 63 km / hour to move a long straight line with a maximum 5-minute incident. Layman calls a tornado is wind "Leysus", in the Sumatra region is called "Wind Bohorok" and there are still other designations. Winds of this type in America is "Tornado" has the speed to 320 km / h and 500 meters in diameter. Tornadoes often occur in the afternoon or evening on the season of transition. These winds can destroy anything, because the vortex is missed objects removed and thrown.
Characteristics of a tornado is coming in the daytime view the white clouds that towered like cauliflower, then develop into dark clouds with cold air blowing, and the wind began to shake the trees to the left and right, not long before the faster winds and heavy rain followed by and sometimes accompanied by hail. See black clouds swirled like a conical wind down toward the ground (earth).
The process of tornado occurrence, usually occurs in winter daytime temperatures in the heat of transition, cramped, and dark clouds gathered, because the radiation of the sun in the afternoon the clouds grow vertically, so the cloud turbulent air currents up and down with high speed. The flow of air into the fan speed to the earth's surface suddenly and walked at random.Impacts caused by a tornado could destroy an area of 5 km and no more aftershocks whirlwind. The house will be destroyed and the plant will fall tornado hit, get a living being die cast or other hard object hitting into the wind swirling.Anticipation Identification month transition period where you are, Reforestation reforestation do not terlalau hot air, so heat does not happen the differences that can cause a tornado , In the case of a tornado away from tall trees that are vulnerable to fall because the trees, looking for a safe place, and strong or far away.,Creating a permanent home and stronger, Creating protection in underground shelters where a tornado often.


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